Welcome to our blog

Us at Arcadia Beach

Welcome all who have found their way to our family blog.

We have been working on this for about a week, testing links out, etc and now feel ready to make it available to everyone.  I’m sure there are going to be issues that we’ll work out as well as things we’ll add as the blog progresses.  I’ll probably add more links, pages and categories as things progress.  But for now, this should be fine.

Shelley and I hope to update the blog regularly, but not sure what that really means.  Daily?  Weekly?  At least weekly.  Maybe more often once we get into the swing of things.

Feel free to offer recommendations or things you would like to see added that Shelley and I may be missing.


7 Responses to “Welcome to our blog”

  1. olivia687 Says:

    Hi! BTW… I have a blog and it is really hard to manage.This is Olivia… you niece!!!


  2. trexmom Says:

    Very excited to see you guys doing the blogging thing. I love to blog – it’s kind of an addiction. Your site is a little more complex than what I use.

    Oh, I love the Jim Cramer video – good stuff – “THEY KNOW NOTHING!!!”

    T Rex Mom aka Jenn


  3. sneumayer Says:

    LOVE the blog!


  4. chernon Says:

    Hi, this is Carol. I like your blog; it’s a really good start and has interesting features. I’m not a blogger and rarely read blogs, but I’ll make yours a “favorite” and check it regularly.

    So Happy Thanksgiving from Seattle! I’m at Mom’s place right now – the rest of the family is out and about for this day-after-Thanksgiving. (Friday afternoon right now)
    We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner at Barbara’s house last nite, with 17 people. And today, Emily is driving up from Portland with Luc while her husband is doing something else with Sophie. We all meet up again at Barbara’s for a left-overs dinner.
    Every one is fine and happy. Skyler and Lauren are loving college life; Nick is too – with an easy senior year and more time to focus on baseball skills. Skyler now has friends from college with family in Seattle so he’s been going out with them.
    Olivia and Cameron and still cute; Cam was quiet and Olivia hung by her dad’s side. They got playful by the evening.

    Time to go and let Mom check out your blog!


  5. olivia687 Says:

    BTW- I read the blog too!! lol B-)


  6. Emmanuel Says:

    Hello Rich,

    No post in about a year, such a shame ! I loved all your reports and photos about your climbs.
    Are you still climbing ? Any chance you would post some updates/new projects ?

    Take care,


  7. rich Says:

    Hi, Emmanuel.

    Yeah, I kinda sucked this year at getting things together. We had planned on doing Rainier in July, two weeks ago, but had issues with training and I decided to pull the plug as I just couldn’t get ready. We were going to do it as our first independent climb so my physical conditioning had to be top notch and it just wasn’t there. But you’re right. I should post something of an update as to what has been going on. Nothing traumatic, just a different direction with a side project that took longer to complete then we thought and it cut into my training for the climb.

    Thanks for keeping up with me. Sorry I’ve sucked for a while.


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