Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom

One of the subscriptions (it’s free, no it’s not I have since learned) I read on a regular basis is called The Gartman Letter.  You can see the link to the right under “Stuff Rich Reads.”  The letter comes out every morning Mon-Fri.  Dennis Gartman, in my opinion, is brilliant.  Plus, he’s been around a long time and knows his stuff.  It’s just one of many opinions I read to get a feel for what the world is doing economically.

Anyway, many times in his letter (not every day) he has “Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom.”  You see, Mr Gartman is a capitalist.  So, when I read one that I really like I think I’m going to post it.  And, well, I really like today’s, so here it is:

“Those who created the wealth naturally want to keep it and devote it to their purposes.  Those who wish to expropriate it look for ever more clever ways to acquire it without inciting resistance.  One of those ways is the spreading of an elaborate ideology of statism, which teaches that the people are the state and that therefore they are only paying themselves when they pay taxes”

Sheldon Richman


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