The Bratney Sleepover

Sylvia, Bruce and Puppy, aka Luna, aka The Mongrel all spent the night here last night.  Their remodel kicked them out of their house for the evening for the floors to be worked on.  So I made dinner and invited Carol over as well and had a nice visit.  Heard all the stories about T-day at the Bucks, etc.  Bruce and I smoked cigars on the patio downstairs after dinner and dessert.  Sylvia bought a HUGE chocolate cream cake from Costco for dessert, which we only ate 1/3 of after dinner.  BTW, Sylvia, you forgot to take it home with you this morning!.

The dogs all got along great.  Some dominance issues, but like dogs, they got that all sorted out on their own.  Ripley was exhausted when she finally went to sleep.  Jake was still hyped up.  And of course, we got the traditional panic bark from him at 7:00 this morning from Jake when Bruce left for work.


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