The Pumpkin is in the keg!

Rich transferring beerRich tasting beer

Yes, I moved the Pumpkin Spice from the secondary fermentor over to the keg this morning.  I also filled 12 bottles for future sampling as well as to travel with to Seattle so I can share it with family over there next spring.

The line you see running the glass carboy (my secondary fermentor) to the keg is an auto syphon that pulls the beer from the carboy to the keg.  I fill the keg up through the keg’s output tube.  This allows the keg to fill from the bottom up and keeps the process ‘quite’.  The red line into the keg is the CO2, but this is turned off.  The keg was under pressure during the sterilization process and I just didn’t disconnect it before this photo was taken.

It still needs some aging before its ready.  The color looks great, as you can see, and the aroma is good.  Its just a bit watery still as it hasn’t quite filled out.  Shelley has better taste buds and can taste the spices.  My buds are burned out and I can’t taste them yet.  Maybe why she likes the subtleties of  wine.  The Raspberry Stout was the same way at this point.  In fact, I tried a bottle of it this morning and it has really started to come of age.  I had some issues with sediment when I transferred the stout to the keg and as such the stout hasn’t really cleared up yet.  I’m not sure it ever will.  However, the stout from the bottle looks very nice.  Nice brown head too!

I fixed my technique issue with the sediment so the Pumpkin Spice should be fine.  Now, its just a matter of waiting for it to fill out a bit.  I’m planning on letting it sit in the keg at room temperature till we get back from Mexico, then force carbonate it and let it sit till December 21.  Hopefully, in the next two weeks it will fill out and be ready for our friend’s and family Christmas Party here at the house.

Rich checking the stout


One Response to “The Pumpkin is in the keg!”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Any eggnog brews for Christmas?


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