We’re on Vacation

Flying into ZihauWalking into customsThe bird we came in on

From door to door……9 hours.  Not bad, I guess.  We left the house at 5:15 am and got to the door in Ixtapa at about 3:30 pm.  We’re on Central Time down here.  The flights were good.  No issues.  Upon arriving here I had the camera out, as you can see, and was taking pictures on the ramp.  Of course when that happens, I get yelled at.  I did.  They didn’t take the camera tho, that was nice.  The photo looking back at the plane was the last I was able to get.  hahahahaha.

We couldn’t find the WiFi upon arrival, so this post is a day late.  The condo here is having issues with their WiFi and its only available in the breezeway right outside the business center.  I can see the ocean from here, so that’s okay.

We went to the grocery store and ate dinner out last night.  Smoked a cigar and had a beer on the beach before sunset.  Nice.  After I finish posting I’ll be sitting on the beach the rest of the day.  Do some boogie boarding as well.  Finish my cigars and have a couple more drinks.  Basically, I will do nothing and enjoy it.

The condo has a little cabana near the pools that sell 12 oz beer for $1.20 US.  They have food as well.  All very cheap.  But they don’t serve dinner.  Just finger food stuff.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, chips, etc.

We're on vacation


One Response to “We’re on Vacation”

  1. trexmom Says:

    I’m still waiting for a photo of Shelley’s feet…


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