Another day goes by, another day wasted on the beach.

We found a little corner of the market in Zihuatanejo we missed on the first trip.  Fresh baked pastries!  The photo above on the right is what we bought for ourselves.  With all this home cooking I realized, upon gazing at the racks on the left of donuts, cakes and breads, that we haven’t had much junk food on this trip.  Well, that changed today.  By the way, to put into perspective how much things cost down here, that tray of pastries on the right only cost $12.60 Pesos….yes, less than $1.00 USD.  No, we didn’t eat all of it today.  Just the chocolate cake.  The rest will be gone by tomorrow night.

We picked up some more seafood for lunch tomorrow, see photo below.  Shelley picked out some shrimp on our last trip, and they were so good.  Not the plain Jane types we get back home.  Real flavor to these.  Takes a bit to prepare down here tho.  You have to clean them and dip them in iodine water to disinfect them (just in case) before cooking.  This time, Shelley found a tray of crab meat, scallops, etc.  We’ll be trying that, along with the rest of the shrimp, for lunch tomorrow.

shelley shopping

While I was in line getting the pastries, Shelley spied a woman wrapping up fresh backed tortillas down the counter from me.  She was wrapping them in stacks of 40 each (actually, by weight, but appx 40 in each wrap).  Shelley brought them over to me in line and they were still warm.  Well, we didn’t need 40, so Shelley was able to ask the woman to give us only 20, which she counted out and wrapped up for us.  I’m amazed out how many tortillas the two of us have gone through down here in just a few days.  One woman ahead of us in line bought 160….four packages of 40.  Wow.  The tortillas are in the white wrappers on the top shelf just beyond the scale.

homemade tortillasOn the bus ride over to Zihuatanejo, I stuck the camera out the window and took a couple photos of the street life.  I didn’t think of it at the time, but I should have just ran a movie.  Our camera is capable of that, but I didn’t think of it in time so you’re stuck with a bunch of stills.  The last one is of the grocery store we were going to, “Bodega”.  Another interesting thing I saw this time that I missed last time……This store is affiliated with Wal-Mart in some way.  I believe Wal-Mart owns it, but not sure.  While walking around the produce section, I noticed that the plastic trays the produce came in all had Wal-Mart’s name on it.  Once I noticed that and began to look around I saw that the employee’s name tags all had Wal-Mart written on them.  There was even an infomercial playing on the TV’s above the cash registers advertising a Wal-Mart Visa card.

street of Zihua 1streets of Zihua 2

streets of Zihua 3our grocery store


One Response to “Pastries”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Too bad you can’t bring some of that food home for sharing! My mom was making fresh tortillas yesterday when I picked up Thomas. The smell so so amazing – I took photos of her tortillas making for my blog. I just wish I could capture the smell! And I will only eat them warm and fresh. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up with fresh tortillas every week! The hardest part of making them – getting them round!


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