Goodbye, Ixtapa Playa

Yes, this is our last night here.  We leave for the airport tomorrow at noon.  Our flight pulls pitch at 3:15 pm.  Thanks to US Airways, we have to lay over night in Phoenix and arrive back in Boise and its low of 22 degrees F sometime around 2:00 pm.  I bet US Airways is going to make us pay the $15.00 baggage fee twice too, once from Ixtapa to Phoenix, then on Sunday from Phoenix to Boise.

We went to dinner at El Faro tonight.  One of the nicest restaurants here.  On a cliff looking north over the entire Ixtapa beach as well as a nice inland view to the mountains eastward.   The photo didn’t quite merge together correctly along the table and railing, but otherwise you get the point as to the view.

el faro

Here’s a shot from behind Shelley so you can see what she sees.

view from el faro

El Faro is just a short walk down the beach from the condo.  The condo is the second large building up the beach from this photo.  The orange building that is first is The Barcelo.  There’s a resort at the bottom of the hill below El Faro that runs a gondola up to El Faro.  Pretty easy to get to.  Service is top notch and the food is excellent.  One thing here in Mexico I’ve noticed, at least this part of Mexico, is that they don’t serve much in the way of sides with their meals.  Shelley and I each tried a different type of steak tonight.  They came with very little in the way of vegetables, but no rice or potatoes at all.  But the beef was very tender and well marinated.  Very good.

For desert we splurged, after all it was our last night, and ordered the Banana Flambe, prepared table side of course.

banana flambe

So there you have it.  Our vacation to Ixtapa.  No question we will be coming down here again.  When?  Well, probably around this time of year again.  As long as Bev and Bill keep letting us mooch, we’ll keep mooching.  Hope you enjoyed following along as I told this story about our vacation.  They’ll be no entries tomorrow as we’ll be traveling.  Maybe Sunday night.  I’m working on figuring out how to get our videos up on this blog and hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time exploring this blog page to get it figured out.  In the meantime, I will leave you with a final photo of the night lights over Ixtapa Playa

night lights


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