What is there besides the beach?

front of condo 1

front of condo 2

I thought I would take a minute and show the view inland.  One thing nice about this condo is that there are no closed in hallways.  Everything is open air.  So, when you walk out of the condo to the elevators, its like walking along a deck with the view towards the mountains.

I stood in the middle of the building, in front of the elevators, and took a couple shots looking eastward.  We tried to take a panoramic photo, but the straight lines get everything messed up.  So I just took two shots with our wide angle lens.  You’ll just have to imagine them spliced together.

The photo on the left is looking towards the tourist part of town.  All the nice shops and restaurants are there.  Just a short 2 or 3 minute walk.  Straight across the street is the typical tourist trap where you start your bidding at $20 and soon you’re paying $3 for the item.

In the left photo, you see the white building with decks and red roof, that’s the hotel to our north.  To the right, the red roofed covered patio belongs to the Bacelo hotel to our south.  The tennis court and all the covered parking you see belong to this condo building.  They have underground parking as well.  The entrance has a gate that is manned by security as well as a fence surrounding the complex.  Security isn’t super tight, but they are present to keep the rif-raf out.  Otherwise, people come and go as they please.


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