The Pumpkin Spice lives

rich and first pour

We tapped the Pumpkin Spice last weekend, 12-20-08.  The photo above is the first pour.  I think it needs a bit more aging before it has totally filled out.  It’s been in the keg since 12-5-08 and under carbonation since 12-15-08.  Right now its very drinkable but is heavy on the clove spice.  We’ll see how things progress over the next couple weeks and see if the clove starts to take a back seat to the cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.  Right now I’m not planning on any changes until it has some more time to age.

rich and first pour 2

As you can see the color looks good.  Maybe a bit light, but overall I’m pretty happy with the color.  Those glasses were Christmas presents from Sylvia and Bruce from a couple years ago.  I also bottled 12 12-oz bottles along with the keg.  That way, next spring when we come out to Seattle we’ll have enough to share with family and friends.  I want to keep about four or six bottles for next fall when I plan on brewing another batch in the event I make changes to this recipe.  That way I’ll have something to compare the next recipe to.

Yes, it is a tasty beverage!

richs first taste


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