Happy New Years

Just looking back over the last year.  It was quite a year.  Both good and not always so good.  The economy is, of course, obvious.  Election years are always tense.  The harvest was late.  But, as the year came to an end, I must say that I am just happy to be here.  Happy to have a wonderful husband, wonderful family and wonderful friends.  And, of course, wonderful dogs.  We were very sad to lose our matriarch, Grandma Kathryn Higgs and yet happy that she lived to see her great grandson Ryder born (who took his first solo walk on Christmas).  We had great visitors from back East (Stephen’s family) and from way back East (Hawk’s folks from England).  We were able to make the baseball pilgrimage to NYC to see Yankee stadium in its last season and had a fabulous time exploring the city (and thanks to Jolene for making the trip up to help us explore).  We got to climb a mountain (Mt Hood)…. only to notice there was a taller one farther north that looked interesting….  We got to watch the dogs play on the Oregon beach and were able to enjoy the Ixtapa beach ourselves.  We watched Bill and Mom put out yet another great year of wine.  Sierra excelled in everything and introduced us to Cameron.  We became godparents as we witnessed Thomas baptized (thanks Skip and Jenn, we take our job seriously!).  After all that, I am hopeful for the next year.  Thanks to everyone.

Easter Family photo Rich at Yankee stadium Harvest Crew Top of Mt Hood sue and ryder skip jenn thomasrich and shelley feet in ixtapa patterson-peak-to-4th-of-july-lake rich at sunset ixtapa ripley jake Arcadia beach sierra cameron

thomas noah and ryder mom and ryder


One Response to “Happy New Years”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Thank you for having us be apart of your lives. We feel extremely fortunate to call you our friends as well as consider you family. And, yes, we know you take your role as godparents seriously. We are truly grateful for all you do for our “T-Rex”. We know 2009 will just be more wonderful memories for us to share. We love you guys!


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