Our yurt trip

We got back from the Idaho City area mid afternoon yesterday.  After getting caught up on things around the house we went out to dinner and dessert (fondue).  So, before we leave again today for Sun Valley and a weekend of skiing, I thought I’d post some photos of the trip and a couple videos of the yurt.

The weather was great.  In fact, I thought it was too warm.  I would have liked it better had it been about 20 degrees colder as I was way over packed.  I hate carrying stuff into the woods if I don’t need it.  As it was, my pack was 50lbs.  Shelley’s was slightly less.  We parked in a lot off the main road and snowshoe in about an hour to the yurt.  The hike was pretty easy as it hasn’t snowed for some time and everything was packed down pretty good.

It was so warm outside that the stove in the yurt go the temperature inside the yurt up to 91 at one point.

Our last night/morning there was the coldest.  Below freezing at night (finally).

It was very relaxing.  Nothing around but the woods and an occasionally flyover by an airliner.

With no clouds in the sky it was crystal clear.  At night, the Milky Way was bright as was Jupiter (we think).  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw a planet so bright.  It looked like someone was on a ladder holding a flashlight over our heads.

On our second day (only full day there) we went out and hiked a loop trail and took this photo of us walking down the trail with the dogs.  Shelley is wearing her full pack, but I have just my Camel Back day pack on (if your wondering how I got 50lbs into that little thing).

snowshoe hike

Here is a photo of the trail leading up to the yurt.  The wood structure in the foreground is the wood storage shed.  The black tube in the lower left corner is the gray water disposal pipe.  The idea behind the pipe is to limit your footprint on the area while you use it.

view of yurt

While we were on our hike we took some photos of the woods, snow and sun.

trees, snow and sun

The yurt was perched on a spur coming off a ridge line and had a very very large deck facing the valley.  Here is a qucik video taken as I stroll around the deck checking out the view.

So, now that you’ve seen the view outside, let’s look around inside a yurt and see how it’s stocked.


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