Back from Vacation

Well, its back to work for both of us this week.  Back to grind of paying off our 2009 taxes.  I estimate our pay off date to be somewhere around May 27 this year.   So until then we are working for Uncle Sam and the State of Idaho.  It’s nice of the government to allow us to spread that out over 12 months though.

The skiing was pretty good in Sun Valley.  They haven’t had any new snow in quite some time, but what they had was pretty good.  The temperature was kind of crazy.  It was in the teens at the base, but nearly 40 degrees at the summit.

Shelley took a couple panoramic videos from the summit.  The first one is looking down onto Ketchum and Sun Valley.  This is the direction of the two main lodges, River Run and Warm Springs.  However, the River Run lodge will no be visible as it is actually over another ridge.

The second one is looking the opposite direction towards what is called Seattle Ridge.  The bowls can also be seen towards the right of the video.


One Response to “Back from Vacation”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Glad you’re back from vacation. Bet Jake and Ripley are tired and also glad they got to go this time!!! We hope we can catch up with you soon. Thomas is missing you guys!


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