Vacation Update

We finally had a bit of a vacation this evening.  We went to the inaugural game of the Seattle Sounders FC.  They defeated the New York Red Bulls 3 – 0.  It was a lot of fun.  What a rowdy crowd.

We have been meeting with our remodel designer, Rich and Gloria, on Monday, Wednesday and tomorrow.  We have been finalizing cabinets, doors, molding, windows and hardware.  Tomorrow we discuss flooring and lighting.  Things look good for them to start near the end of March.  Hopefully the whole project can be finished by late July.

Shelley and I did St Patrick’s Day with Robert at Hale’s Brewery.  We had a Brewer’s Dinner there.  That is when you have dinner with the brewers and they talk about the beer, etc.  For a budding homebrewer like myself it was great.  I got to meet Mike Hale (again) and talk about beer a bit.  I also got to speak with the Master Brewer himself.  That was pretty neat.  Too bad much of what he said to me was way over my head and I can’t even remember it all now.

Before we left for the Brewer’s Dinner we got to visit with Barbara and mom and others at Barbara’s house before their own St Patrick’s Day dinner.  Shelley and I met back up with mom again this afternoon and took her to lunch.

Mom, I will be back to Seattle May 16 to the 23rd.

Tomorrow night, after our errands, we are meeting friends for dinner.  Some little pizza / beer place on Phinney.  Can’t remember the name of the place right now.

Then we leave to head back to Seattle on Saturday.

We left Ripley and Jake at the house with Robert this evening and that seemed to go well.  Well, sort of.  Ripley threw up for Robert after we left.  Sorry, Robert.  Then we forgot to tell Robert to make sure he puts the dogs back in the basement when he leaves so they are not alone up stairs.  See, his house is not dog proof.  When we got home (Robert was gone) they had gotten into the trash and redecorated his kitchen.  Oh well.

Like usual, I have photos and videos from all of those things mentioned above and will post updates and stories next week after we get home.

That’s all for now.


2 Responses to “Vacation Update”

  1. happytourist Says:

    Give the Seattlites a review of the pizza/beer place–is it Zeeks? Gasparos? Shall we add it to the list of good neighborhood spots?


  2. rich Says:

    It was Zeeks. It’s okay. Nothing special, like the 74th St Ale House. They only had three beers on tap, but one was Mac and Jack’s African Amber. Isn’t that one of your favorites, happytourist? The pizza was okay. Not greasy. But the dough was a bit undercooked. One of our friends said that was their style. It’s not cheap (as in dollars) pizza either.


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