Photos from the Honey Wheat

Here are the photos I promised from racking the Honey Wheat.

The photo on the left is my set up.  The primary fermentor is on the counter with the syphon and tube coming out of it.  The secondary is on the floor.  The photo on the right is a closeup of the secondary.  If you recall, or go back and read it again, I’m thinking of changing that tube so instead of it going right into the secondary, it goes into funnel and filters the beer.  Then The funnel would rest in the neck of the secondary with another tube draining out the bottom to the bottom of the secondary.

the set up

filling the secondary

This is the filled and complete secondary.  The airlock is in place and the secondary is ready to be moved to a nice cool place to sit for about another month.  As I write this, the beer has been sitting in the secondary for one week.  After my conversation with the brewers at Hale’s last week, I think I will let it sit for another four weeks before kegging it.

the secondary

Finally, a before and after shot.  On the left is the beer still in the primary before the transfer.  On the right is “The Bottom of the Barrel.”  Now you know what it looks like to feel like “The Bottom of the Barrel.”

beer in primarybottom of the barrel


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