Ripley is back after her bath

Every two months the “Wash-n-Wagon” comes to visit our dogs.  They hate it.  Trying to get them into the van is pretty funny in itself.  I’ll have to try and get that experience on video sometime.  But they love it when its finally over.  Today, I got Ripley’s reaction after her experience.  I only missed the first few seconds.

We learned after picking up Jake that we can not take him to a groomer at a store.  Jake just freaks out too much.  The cages he has to be in, the hair dryers they use, etc, just terrified him too much.  So we found this woman who has a mobile dog grooming van and she parks in your driveway and takes care of business.  Not that much more money over going to a groomer, plus the convenience of her coming to us instead of having to take the dogs somewhere else.

Finally, Shelley is trying to sleep on the couch after working over night last night.  Clearly, the dogs do not care.


2 Responses to “Ripley is back after her bath”

  1. trexmom Says:

    The video is hysterical! Did Shelley stay asleep through all of it? You know, I feel pretty good after a long shower, maybe I should try rolling around on the carpet to see if it makes me feel that much better.

    By the way, thanks for stopping in. It was funny because we were literally talking about our dinner and how it would be perfect to make for you and then we heard the knock at the door. You must have smelled the dinner cooking and the cookies baking! (We’ll always feed you, you know!)

    Thomas has some photos on his blog: – he was giving you some pretty good grins while trafficking his spheres!

    Great post – thanks for the laughs!


  2. rich Says:

    No, Shelley was awake. You can see Jake just off camera over by her. Both dogs usually shove their nose into her to get her attention when she’s laying on the couch like that.


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