Sounders FC Inaugural game

We took a bunch of video at the Sounders FC game on March 19.  I took some of it and edited it together into something a bit more watchable.  I cut out some of the bouncing and people walking in front of the camera.  So, hopefully this is a bit more enjoyable then some of the raw footage we have.

This first video is during our pre-match taster at Elysian Fields Brewery on Occidental Avenue, right across from the stadium.  Just showing you the pre-game crowd.  It was a sea of green, for sure.

About 90 minutes before game time the Sounders Wave, the teams marching band, arrived from Pioneer Square with a large crowd of followers.  We read in the paper the next day that Drew Carey led the band, but we didn’t see him at the time or on this video.  We were looking for him as we thought he would be in the parade.  We saw a photo later of Drew at Pioneer Square, where the parade stared, so he probably was in there somewhere.  The band set up outside the stadium and played a few tunes to get everyone revved up and I included one of their musical numbers in this video.

This next one includes cuts from the pregame ceremony inside with all the flags of the United Nations present on the field.  The idea being that soccer (football) is “The World’s Game” therefore, the Sounders FC wanted all the nations of the world represented during the pregame.  Nice touch, I guess.  After the flag marching the owner and Drew Carey said a few words, but I didn’t include that here.  Kind of hard to understand with our little cheapo video recorder.  The last segment shows the teams marching into the playing field, or “pitch” as it is referred to in soccer.  This is the traditional way teams come into the stadium, not something done for just this game.  The segment ends just before the playing of the our National Anthem.

I had one more clip at the end of the game, but something weird happened to the video and it kept focusing in and out.  Made it real hard to watch so I did not include it here.

It was a pretty fun time.   Exciting game with the Sounders FC winning 3 – 0.

Hope you like the video.

Here are some still shots Shelley and I took during the game.

This first one are all the dignitaries on the podium.  From right to left: Drew Carey; majority owner; MLS commissioner, and Washington Governor Gregoire.


drew playing with his kidstarting line up

view from our seatsview from goal

fan for life


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  1. trexmom Says:

    Very cool that you could be there!


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