Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom

The Tax Day Tea Party.

With all the fall out now over the tea parties last week, I’d like to talk about why I went.  Actually, let’s start with why I didn’t go.

I didn’t go because I’m a racist.

I didn’t go because now there’s a black man in the White House.

I didn’t go because I think Obama is a fascist.

I didn’t go because I want the Federal Reserve abolished or the IRS dissolved.

I didn’t go because I received a check from Fox News for my participation.

I didn’t go because I’m a right wing nut job that has no ability to think for myself.

I didn’t go because I’m a redneck.

I didn’t go because I don’t want to pay taxes.

Got that so far?

So, why did I go.  Well, how to put that into typed words.  It’s difficult because my frustration, concern and anger goes back for a couple years now and just came to a head over the last couple months.

It may come as a shock to some of you, but I don’t consider myself a Republican.  I’ve have grown so tired, over the last 4 years or so, of this country having a “My team vs Your team” mentality.  For instance (and only for instance), if I do not support abortion, I must be a Republican.  If I’m against torture, I must be a Democrat.  You get the picture?

Why can’t I vote for a Democrat but believe abortion is morally wrong?  Why can’t I disagree with Obama’s policies and ideologies and not be called a racist?  No one was calling blacks racists for disagreeing and protesting Bush.  Do any of us really believe that there is one candidate out there that believes in everything you do?  I sure don’t.

It’s really hard to put my frustration into words.  I should say that my frustration is more focused on Congress then on the President.  Congress makes and passes law.  The President can influence that and can use his influence to direct Congress one way or another, but ultimately, it’s Congress.  However, Obama hasn’t done anything yet to change my mind about his ideology or get any kind of favorable approval from me.

So, I did not go to the Tea Party Protest here in Boise because I’m a Republican.  Which is how MSNBC  and CNN portrayed it in many news shows.  “Oh, this is just a bunch of Right-Wing nut jobs paid by Fox.”  Those commentators are idiots.  Nancy Pelosi is an idiot for her comments as well.

So, why did I go?  Well, Bush spent appx $650B from 2003 – 2008 in Iraq.  The Democrats screamed and howled at the “Excess spending and waste.”  Okay.  Fine.  I can understand that.  Spending that much money overseas instead of here, okay.  I get that argument.  The problem is, they mostly screamed and howled because it was a Republican doing the spending.  How do I come to that conclusion?  Because the Democrats just spent $1.2T in about eight weeks earlier this year and those same people never screamed or howled.  And now, why is a Democratic President asking for appx $80B for the rest of this year for?  Iraq!  What the hell is that?  Why aren’t the Democrats screaming and howling now?

Because it’s one of their own that is doing the spending.

The Republicans don’t have any excuses either.  The Republicans are screaming and howling at the Democrats now because of the spending I just mentioned.  Well, where the hell were they over the last eight years?  They’re only screaming and hollering because they aren’t the ones doing it.  Neither the Dems or the Reps have any grounds to complain about the others wasteful or irresponsible spending.

I went because I’m disgusted with all of them.  Have been for some time.

I’m disgusted with a President who wants business to, “Make more then just profits.”  What are they supposed to do?  Break even?  Lose money?  Those are the only other options.  That’s called a non-profit organization.  Does he want a nation of non-profits?  I know he wants more good to come out of Wall Street and private businesses.  But, the final word of the day is that they are a private business.  They can do what they want with their profits.  They can spend their money how they see fit.  Why can’t they make a profit and do something for the rest of the world at the same time?  What is wrong with making a profit?  There are a lot of children alive in Africa right now because Microsoft made a lot of profits over the years.  What’s wrong with that?  Is that so evil?

I’m disgusted with a government that says we’ll bail you out because of reason(s) “X”.  Or better yet, forces them to take the money.  Okay, fine.  Then a couple weeks later, change the rules and violate contract law and say, oh, sorry.  Now we are going to control your payroll and tell you how much everyone can make and who gets bonuses, etc.  Oh, you want to give it back?  No sorry, not allowed at this time.

Wait a second.  They are a private company.  Where does the government come off telling a private company who makes what and who works?  Oh, because they accepted “Taxpayer money.”  I see.  So, what is the real reason to give them the money then?  To make sure they don’t fail and take down a section of the economy with them?  Or to allow for more government control of private companies?

Listen, I firmly believe that Capitalism can not succeed without failure.  It is not all about profits and rewards.  It’s about risk and consequences too.  Failure can not be taken off the table.  When you do that, Capitalism fails.  You want to take that off the table, fine.  If the government wants to artificially interfere with the ways of the world by giving a private company money, then fine, give it to them.  But you can’t go in and take them over and fire the CEO or tell them what their payroll is going to be.  You can’t do it, because the government doesn’t know how to run that business.  The government does not know how to make money.  You can’t do it because its a private company.

If you want to do that, then call it what it is.  Nationalization.  I’m not necessarily against that in certain extreme cases.  But for God’s sake, call it what it is.

I went because it’s not my fault that Joe Smith in Arizona refinanced his house in 2005, took out his $200k in equity and bought a bunch of new toys and now can’t pay his mortgage.  Not my problem.  Not my neighbor’s problem.  He can be a renter now because he screwed up.  And don’t talk about the predators that “took advantage” of people.  They all had contracts that they signed.  If they were too stupid to read them or get an attorney to look them over, not my problem.  If they were making $50k or less a year and were getting loans over $200k, not my problem.  They can be renters now.

I went because I see the government becoming larger and larger and branching into areas it has no business in.  Like in individual citizen’s businesses.

I went because spending $1.2T in eight weeks is outrageous.

I went because failure, although hard on the individual, is a necessary part of life and failure is now being taken out of life.

I went because I wanted to add my number to those others that are just as frustrated as I am.

I told Shelley (who had to work and missed it), that I estimated about 3,000 on the high side for a crowd.  The paper is reporting about 2,500.  So, I think that’s somewhere in the neighborhood.  That seems small to some for sure.  But the last national protest to sweep the country, I believe, was an anti-war protest.  That drew something like 43 people here in Boise.  Boise is not a real big protest type of city.  I was going to by happy with 200.

The group started at Anne Morrison Park then marched over to Julia Davis Park.  Finally it marched up Capital Blvd to the State Capitol.  That is where we joined in.

I took a couple shots of the crowd and some good signs.  The video is of the crowd marching up Capitol as the group arrived.

I liked the “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.  Those were good to see.

Some still shots of the crowd.




2 Responses to “Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom”

  1. trexmom Says:


    I did not get to see the crowd marching up the street so glad you took a video.

    Some of the signs were awesome!

    We were glad we could be there too! And with you! We missed you, Shell.


  2. TRexDad Says:

    AMEN. We were proud to be there with you! We missed you Shelley!


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