Our vacation

We are now back in Boise after a nice week in Seattle.

We had internet problems (Robert’s computer network card got fried) so I was not able to post updates during our time there.  We had to mooch my brother’s, my mom’s and my sister’s computer on various days just to check email.  So, I will sum it all up here in one long, giant post.

We left early on Saturday because we had M’s tickets for Saturday night.  As it was, we got there in plenty of time to get down to Elyisian Fields Brewery for dinner before the game.  We sat in the upper deck and watched the M’s lose 3-5.

Sunday afternoon was perfect Seattle weather.  We had Sylvia and Bruce’s season ticket seats (28 rows behind homeplate) and got to watch a great thriller with the M’s winning 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs.  Pretty nice.

After the game we headed down to Maritime Brewery for a night cap.

Monday was an off day for us from ball games.  Instead we took the dogs for a walk up Tiger Mountain.  It was a real short day hike taking only a few hours and it tired out the dogs.  Which was nice seeing how they had been riding in a truck for most of Saturday, then cooped up again in the house on Sunday.  We BBQ’d with Robert in the backyard Monday night, then drove over to Bob’s house for dessert and to visit.

I brought over a six pack of my new Honey Wheat and shared some with Bob and Jennifer.  Jennifer made brownies.  We hung out there for a couple hours.  It was good to visit with them.  It seems hard to get over there when we come to town so I really wanted to catch up a bit.

Tuesday was spent meeting with our contractor and designer, Rich and Gloria.  We had lunch with them, went over some final bids then went with Gloria to pick out tile and grout for the bath room.  Another long morning / afternoon.

That evening we took mom out to Anthony’s down on the waterfront at pier 66.  Mom picked it and it was a very good choice.  Since we just missed Mother’s Day by just a week, we decided this would be our Mother’s Day visit with her.  We had a nice window seat looking over Elliot Bay and there were no cruise ships in port blocking our view.  Dinner was great, of course.  I think mom liked dessert the best.

She choose the Irish Whiskey Chocolate Mousse.  Once it was in her hands, it never left.  She finished the whole thing without saying a word till it was gone.  She did give Shelley and I a shot at a small sample, but other then that, it was all hers.  Shelley and I split a rhubarb dish that was really good too.

We went back to mom’s apartment, watched the M’s game together and visited some more before leaving for the evening.  That was a nice visit.

Wednesday morning we met with our general contractor and the plumber who will be remodeling the basement.

We then went down to the Pike Place Market where Shelley picked up her supply of teas then we ate dinner at The Pike Brewery.  Another great dinner.  We left The Pike and headed down to Safeco for another M’s game.  This was another thriller with the M’s winning 1-0.

Thursday we met up with a friend in Seattle, Megan, for lunch at Siam on Lake Union.

After lunch we did some yard work in the backyard.  Robert was having issues with the lawnmower, so I got that figured out and mowed the yard for him and we trimmed up some of the bushes and trees.

I called up Barbara when we got finished so we could mooch off her computer to check email and we went over there and visited with her.  We then had to twist Barbara and Jim’s arm to get them to join us at the 74th St. Ale House.  If you’ve seen our bar I built in the basement here in Boise, you’ll notice the name of the bar is read in the mirror.  This is the pub where I got that idea.

After dinner, Shelley and I went to my old stomping grounds, the Oak Tree  Cinemas, and watched Star Trek.  For free of course.  I’m still up in the air about whether I like the movie.  I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I’m not sure I like that they just changed the future with this movie.  We’ll see.  Maybe it will grow on me.  I did like the characters and I did enjoy the movie, just not sure about how everything is now going down a totally different time line.  There are a couple friends who I’ll talk to about it and see how things go.

Trexdad?  Have you seen the movie yet?  Maybe we can talk about it on Monday.  Hopefully you’re not lame and haven’t seen it yet.

Friday morning was our last meeting with Rich and Gloria.  We met with them and the electrician at the house.  We then finished our meeting over lunch at Chutney’s Bistro and finalized all our plans.  There are still some small details to work out, but nothing that will keep the project from starting on Tuesday.  I can’t wait.

We are hoping the project will be over by our trip in September.

Friday night was our last M’s game.  Again, another thriller with a M’s win in the bottom of the 11th inning.

Saturday morning we packed up and hit the road back to Boise.

If you didn’t notice, most of our trips in town revolve around restaurants.  Shelley and I have a series of priority restaurants we must hit each trip.  Chutneys and The Pike are two of those stops.  Pretty much whenever we go out we try to work one of these spots into our trip.  It doesn’t always work out, but we try.

All in all it was a good trip.  We didn’t have to run around too much like we did in March.  We got to visit with everyone in Seattle, got four games in, a bunch of restaurants and a hike.  Can’t really complain about that at all.  On top if it, there was only one poor weather day, that was Wednesday.

Now we have a long weekend here in Boise with a family and friends BBQ on Monday.


One Response to “Our vacation”

  1. shell Says:

    Pretty good sum up of the trip. It was nice to see so many games, friends, family and microbrews/restaurants.

    The BBQ was great. Thanks to everyone who came.


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