Shelley’s Garden

So, this past Spring was our first with the new landscaping and finished garden that Shelley has wanted since we first moved in here five years ago.  So I took some shots of the garden along the east side of the house that Shelley put together this year and some of her rose bushes she has along the terrace.  Course, the roses don’t look as nice as they did a few months ago, so you’ll have to use your imagination to picture them in full bloom.  I’ll have to get on that earlier next time.  The garden along the east side of the house was the last piece of landscaping to finish the yard.

The rose terrace is the one we built back in 2004.  You can see the little sitting areas in the middle of each side as well.  We use those during the spring and fall, but not during the summer.  With the direct southern exposure, it’s way too hot.  But it’s nice to sit out there in the evenings with a beer or glass of wine.  Our wifi reaches there easily too.

Shelley does all the upkeep and maintance in these gardens.  I stay clear to keep from killing something.

rose gardenrose garden

east garden

For those that don’t remember what we bought into five years ago, here are some reminders.  These were taken during the first couple months after we moved in and while we were trying to clear it up.  This first one is the same side of the house as the photo above.  The cheetgrass you see in the foreground went right up to the side of the house.  You can see how we have started clearing it away.  The fence was the previous owner’s dog run.

es of house

We don’t really have any good pictures of the area where the terraces are now located, but in these next two shots you get the idea.

ws of housebackyard with weeds

And, yes, we cleared all that cheetgrass by hand.  With a weedeater and garbage cans.  Shelley counted the garbage can trips and estimated them at just over 300.  We also used up a number of pairs of socks that were unusable after we were done because we could never get all the little burrs out of them from the grass.

shelley weedeatingshelley raking

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2 Responses to “Shelley’s Garden”

  1. trexmom Says:

    The yard definitely has come a long way – the whole house in fact. You guys have done amazing things!

    Her vegetable pots were looking great last I saw them. And the tomato plants she gave me just yielded my first two tomatoes!

    Great photos! See you, with the beef, on Saturday.


  2. shell Says:

    Thanks for showing the new garden… I am happy to finally have it pretty much done and growing in nicely. Only took us five… or is it six… years…


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