Football and Peaches

As many of you know, Shelley and I are in Seattle this week for a scheduled vacation.  We arrived on Friday night.  Saturday was spent watching the Sounders FC get their lunch handed to them by Chelsea FC from the English Premier League.  Okay, the score was only 2-0.  But for those with any amount of soccer knowledge, it was obvious Chelsea wasn’t playing hard and really were scoring without much effort.  Both teams subbed heavily in the second half which made it a scurb on scurb match at that point.

Shelley spent the pre-game warmups committing 2nd degree felony stalking of John Terry.  He sort of has my looks, yeh?  I guess I can understand her lust.  Okay, Shelley just proofed this post and wanted me to clarify its not his looks, its his skills as a soccer player.  Whew.  I thought I was in trouble.

John Terry

65,289 fans showed up for the game.  It was pretty fun and pretty neat to watch such a well disciplined team play such a precise game.  I’m not a huge soccer fan or that knowledgeable, but it was easy to see the difference between these two levels of play.

stadium and teams

There is a cafe just down the street from the 5th Ave house where they have free wifi.  They do a nice crepe, coffee, pastry type of breakfast.  That’s nice.  We should be able to stay caught up on the memorial news and post during our trip out here as well.  Today we are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary.  It was actually yesterday, but circumstances changed our plans.  That’s okay.  We are going hang out, take the dogs to the off leash park (they’ve been cooped up in the basement for two days) and then have dinner at Salty’s tonight.

Tuesday we are catching another soccer match with the Sounders FC in a Gold Cup match vs Houston of the MLS.  Friday is a M’s game and Saturday is another Sounders FC match.  We are meeting friends for various lunches and dinners as well as BBQing with Barbara and Jim and meeting Bob for lunch sometime this week and check out his new office.  At some point I will update everyone on the remodel in the basement of the 5th Ave house as well.

So, that’s the plans for the week.

On Sunday Bob, Joe, Nick, Shelley and I moved most of mom’s belongings from her apartment to the enclosed patio behind the 5th Ave house on Sunday.

It took about 6 hours (Shelley and I started at 10:00 am) and three trips with Nick’s Suburban and our Avalanche each.  We took the furniture and a lot of boxes.  The only room really left is the kitchen.  There are some nick-knacks left from the other rooms, but for the most part, the rest of the apartment is empty.

It appears that everything will fit in the patio with no problems.

There is a lot of sentimental stuff to go through.  Lots of pictures, letters and cards.  I read Sylvia’s email this morning about her project she will be doing.  That sounds like a great idea.  Can you make seven of them?   It appears mom kept many of the birthday cards she has been given and I found a letter mom and dad wrote to us when they went to Switzerland in 1968.  I didn’t go through everything.  If I had, I’d still be there reading stuff.

Actually, what I’d be doing is I would be crawled up in a ball on the floor crying that I want my mom back.

When Shelley and I got there we looked around the apartment just to see how it was kept.  I never really looked in great detail at the photos on the wall and shelves.  I took lots of photos of the walls.  I think Bob may have earlier as well, but just in case I did some as well.  I just wanted to document all the photos she had of everyone.  Needless to say, the grandkids dominated the collection.

Wall of FameThe kitchen

I spoke with Jolene today too.  We talked for about 30 minutes or so, catching up on what has been happening here with moving mom’s stuff.  Then she asked me, “How are you doing with your mourning?”  I always seem to do pretty well until someone asks me about it, or I get caught up in memories.

I went outside in the back yard to finish our conversation because Nick and Shelley were in the house chatting.  When I finished talking to Jolene, I found Shelley downstairs feeding the dogs.  She asked me how my talk with Jolene was and I told her, “My sister made me cry.”  That was kind of funny, actually.  Then Shelley told me something that really hit me.  She told me that while she was helping us move stuff, she said, “It’s pretty easy to tell that your mom really loved all you guys.”

I thought about all the photos she had, the mementos she had on the walls from all the grandkids, the newspaper clippings, stories of our successes, the photos from our entire lives as children to adults and it hit me.  She really was surrounded by the memories of us all the time.  Every room she went into, there was a photo of Claire or Skyler posing in the mountains or photos from Bob’s wedding or dad at Dodgertown or Sophie’s birth notice or Lauren riding her horse or Joe’s CYO basketball card.  There was even a picture of Mike playing the piano in the basement of the 5th Ave house with Nick and Lauren sitting next to him singing along.  Everyone was there, somewhere.

All of us.


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