The Cigar of the Month Club

Yes, that’s correct.  I, along with some buddies, have joined a Cigar of the Month Club.  We had our first meeting on this past Monday.

The founding members are Peter, Bruce, Hawk and myself.  We have  fifth, Skip, who isn’t a paying member, but joins us because he likes cigars but has so many of his own that he’ll just bring one along with him to share with all of us.  So, I guess we actually have five founding members.

We’ll probably rotate our meeting spot as well.  This first one was at my house on the back patio.  Perfect weather as well.

Peter brought some Whisky (or was it Whiskey?) and of course I have the bar just inside the door for the beer taps.  Currently on tap is Table Rock’s St Andrew’s Amber and my own Honey Wheat from the recipe that Mike Hale gave me.

We basically sat around, smoked cigars and told stories.  Bruce just went on a big fishing trip up in British Columbia near Vancouver Island with West Coast Fishing Club.  He even got his picture on their website with his own 35 lb salmon.  One of many that he caught on the trip.  This picture of him was taken from their website.  I hope I don’t get in trouble for that, but I’m just showing it off, that’s all.


Peter just recently came back from NYC where to attended a friends wedding.  One of his friends is a NYPD police officer and he relayed some stories to us as well has some websites to check out.  All are off limits to children so they will not be published in this post.  I don’t Olivia calling me out.  We learned all about “Hipsters” too.  Basically, they are useless members of society that think they are owed something and thus live off the rest of us and have no understanding of the rule of law.  At least that’s my understanding after watching the videos on the unmentioned websites.  It was pretty funny learning about them as we do not yet have them in Boise.

It was a very enjoyable evening with good cigars, good company and great weather.  We don’t know where next months meeting will be held as Bruce and Peter both offered up their places.  Hawk’s house is out till it cools off a bit since we’ll be banished to his garage, which is under construction, and it is still very hot.



One Response to “The Cigar of the Month Club”

  1. trexmom Says:

    I might have to join after the baby is born!

    Bring your cigar on Sunday night!


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