We are on vacation

We are in Seattle this weekend, till next weekend.  We arrived on Wednesday to attend the Barcalona FC vs Seattle FC game that night.  We haven’t been up to much.  Just hanging out at Barbara’s house and running last minute errands for next week’s climb of Rainier.  We can’t stay at the 5th Ave house since its under construction, but we are moving over there today.

We have a gear check at Alpine Ascents on Sunday and then head for our climb on Monday morning.  We will be totally out of communication beginning Monday and won’t be back in touch till sometime Wednesday night.  We don’t know what time we will be getting back, but it will be after 6:00 pm Pacific time.  I expect to be pretty exhausted Wednesday night as we’ll have been up since 1:00 am that morning after very little sleep overnight.  We’ll drop an email or something to let everyone know we made it okay, maybe a picture or two, then off to sleep.

You may be able to follow our climb at this site, but not sure how up to date it will be.  You may have to search around to see if there’s something else there, but this looks like the climbing update site.  Just for your information, we are taking the Ingraham Glacier/Disappointment Cleaver route up to the summit. 

Tonight we are attending the M’s game and a USS Mariner Event before hand.  I have never been to one and I’m really looking forward to it.


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