Today’s Thought on Capitalism and Freedom

“The average woman is not very familiar with the complexities of economics, but it seems to me that she has ordered her household economy upon a more solid basis than that upon which men have arranged the affairs of their larger world.  In industry, the amazing increase in the use of labor-saving machinery has brought about overproduction, unemployment, and widespread suffering.  Either women are wiser, or they have a sounder instinct for economics.  At any rate, they use labor-saving devices for the heretical purpose of saving labor, and in doing so they have, I think, demonstrated in their homes a practical object lesson in economics which their husbands would do well to master.  While theorists are still searching for the causes of the depression, and politicians remain at loggerheads in their effort to conjure up remedies,  I am tempted to think that the perplexed businessman might discover a possible solution of his troubles if he would just spend a few days in his wife’s kitchen.”

Helen Keller, August 1932


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