Family Pictures

I was not able to add photos to my recent post about my mom’s memorial weekend.  Now that we are home in Boise, here are some of those pictures.

On the left is outside St. Johns and next to it is inside the church.

Outside St. JohnsInside the church

After the ceremony we took a couple photos of all of us.  We did this as we were all dressed up and many of us were going to dress down for the BBQ.  It’s rare to see all seven of us in the same place, and even more rare to see Bob and I together wearing a tie!

Group of Seven

The food is being prepared at the common room at mom’s apartment building.  There were plenty couches and a nice deck looking out over downtown Seattle.

BBQCommon Room

After the BBQ we went over to Barbara’s and hung out on the deck.

Barbara's deck

Sunday afternoon was spent in the backyard of the 5th Ave house (the one I bought from from mom in 1998 and what Shelley and I are remodeling right now).  Here you can see Barbara and Bob explaining things and answering questions.  And just a look at the backyard.

Instructions39 boxes

On Monday morning we then met again and discussed what to do with the historical documents belonging to mom and dad.  We met again in the backyard of the 5th Ave house.

Historical documents

And finally, one last group photo.

Final shot

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2 Responses to “Family Pictures”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful celebration of her life. She would have loved having everyone together. And the photos look great – I do especially like the ones of you and your brother in a tie.


  2. happytourist Says:

    Glad you took a photo or 2 at the church–are you posting to a photo-sharing site so we can order prints of any or all?
    We don’t look nearly as worn-out on Monday as I think we felt!


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