The Fox in our Backyard

Our fox has been getting a bit comfortable in our backyard lately.  Not sure why with our dogs around all the time.  Yesterday I walked by the window and saw him taking a nap under a tree up near the house.  Usually he (or she, not sure which) sleeps down at the lower trees on the property to make an easier get-away over the fence when the dogs get out of the house.  I didn’t make a video of the events shown here, but there was also a Red Tail Hawk flying over the property too.  When the hawk would cry, the fox would look up and keep an eye on it.  Not sure if the fox felt threatened by the hawk or using the hawk as an early warning device.  I didn’t want to try and sneak out of the house to get a photo so I took these first ones through the bedroom window.  Hence it is a bit cloudy from the dirt on the outside of the window.

First I took an over all shot so you can get an idea where the fox was sleeping in the yard.

Then I took a bunch of closeups before finally settling on this one.  I had to tap on the window to get the fox to look up.

After getting a good shot of the fox, I decided to sneak out onto the deck and get one without the window in the way.  I almost made it too.  I got one good one between the fence rails, then the fox had enough and took off.  I failed to have my camera on “Sports” setting for fast action focus and none of the ones as the fox ran away turned out.  Bummer.

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4 Responses to “The Fox in our Backyard”

  1. trexmom Says:

    Wow! That’s gorgeous fox – great photos!


  2. chernon Says:

    what a pretty fox! Good photos.


  3. happytourist Says:

    Much prettier–and more interesting–than the raccoons in our innercity yard!


  4. rich Says:

    Yes it is. Plus, it’s not a rodent. Now, if I could just get it to hang out there every morning and eat all the gophers that pop up the spring and summer.


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