Seattle House Remodel

This is part 1 of a couple blog posts highlighting the on-going remodel of the basement of the Seattle house. Many of you saw the construction in September, but things were just framed out at that time. For those that read this blog and haven’t seen the remodel, I thought I’d start with a couple photos of what the basement looked like prior to the remodel.

My contractor took some photos a couple weeks ago and I will include those in a future post. My best guess is that the basement is about 3 weeks from being finished.

This first photo is looking to the southwest. In the back corner is the old laundry room with the remnants of the old bathroom in front of that. The laundry room stayed there as did the bathroom. We turned the toilet around and added a full walk in shower for the bathroom. The window in the foreground will be in the bedroom. The bedroom’s closet will be between that window and the bathroom wall.

This next one is looking up the east wall towards the northeast corner. In the background is the old hot water heater and furnace. The closet in the foreground is standing in the spot where the new mechanical room will go. Inside that mechanical room with be a 95% efficient furnace. The hot water heater will move outside and become a tankless water heater. It is mounted to the outside of the north wall of the house behind the chimney. Space was everything downstairs so I chose the tankless water heater because I didn’t need to take up floor space for it in the basement. All that duct work was taken down and new duct work was put up along that east wall to free up space along the ceiling. Then the wall was put in infront of the duct work. The plastic at the bottom of the photo is the covering of our bed. I’m standing in the area that will become the office. More on that below.

The fireplace stayed along with the bricks. I had them frame out the walls around the brick to keep them exposed. A large slate hearth was laid by Shelley and I in front of the fireplace to replace that tiny marble one that is in this photo.

You are now looking at the north wall and the northwest corner. The beam running along the ceiling will be the separation between the bedroom and the living room. A new support beam was put in place along this beam as well. The floor was jack-hammered out and a new concrete foundation was poured for this beam. The window in the photo was also enlarged and will act as the egress window for the bedroom.

This is going to be the office. It used to be dad’s little shop. This is where I was standing when I took that photo above of the east wall. You can see the old electrical panel on the wall. It was recalled about 15 years ago as a fire hazard. Nice, yeh? The old water pipes in the corner were cleaned up and moved around to make more room for the walls. The entire basement will be hard-wired for a LAN system and cable. So this office will have multiple ethernet outlets and power sources for computers and televisions. Everything will eventually be tied in together and data will be stored on a Network-attached storage (NAS). The network box will be in a wall under the stairs with access to this from the office.

This is outside the north wall of the basement. That window well in the background is the egress window from the basement. It will be dug out and enlarged to meet egress window codes. The tankless water heater will be mounted to the wall just behind the chimney.

Finally, the stairs. We could not touch the stairs. We were not allowed to move them or adjust their size or else we would have to meet code. Since that would push the stairs out into the room about 2 feet, we couldn’t do that because the stairs would be too close to the wall and then all the walls and doorways would all be messed up. So they stay just as they are. A wall will be built under the stairs separating the office side from the laundry room side. On the office side all the stereo and computer equipment will be located along with the network box in that wall. This will add more overall storage for the basement. We also won’t have to put out a stereo cabinet on the floor in the living room since everything will be wired back to this spot under the stairs.

So, that’s it for now. I needed to put out some pre-remodel photos before showing off the in progress photos. So, stay tuned for those coming up later.


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