My surgery

Yesterday I went in for my Carpal Tunnel surgery and it was quite an interesting experience.  I’ve never had a surgery that required any form of anesthesia.  I was able to take my camera with me and the nurse was very happy to take as many pictures as possible.  My doctor, Dr. Clawson, was good with it as well.  I was a bit surprised they allowed it in the OR, but that was pretty cool of them.  So, here’s my story with pictures!!

Shelley was working this day and met me in the pre-op room and took this first photo.  I’m just hanging out, filling out my medical history stuff.  Basically, all dressed up with nowhere to go for about 90 minutes.  I presume they have me show up so early in case there are issues in the history they need to deal with prior to surgery.  In my case, there were none, so I sat around and read magazines.  I couldn’t flirt with the nurses because Shelley wouldn’t leave my side!! Dammit!

After a little time they got the IV in me.  The pin prick from for the numbing drug to allow for the IV to be put in is the only pain I felt the whole time.  On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being the worst) the pain was about a 0.2.  It was nothing.  Meaning the whole experience was quite painless.  Dr. Clawson then came in about 10 minutes before surgery and put a check mark on my right hand.  My guess is that is just one of the redundant safety measures in place to make sure they operate on the correct body part.

That door in the background of the check mark is the door they wheeled me out for the surgery.  My CRNA, Lisa, got a kick out the camera idea, so she made me wear the little blue hat for the photo.  She said it wasn’t necessary for the surgery, but since I was taking pictures, she put it on me.  Then it was off to the OR.

That OR was freezing!  Holy cow.  They tossed a couple warm blankets on me and wrapped my toes up in one, which helped immensely.  Here you see Dr. Clawson getting my arm ready.  I’m still awake at this point but I was starting to feel a little dizzy.  The kind of dizzy you get if you stand up real fast from laying down.  Only I was still laying down.  I remember the other nurse taking this photo.  Lisa asked me if I was feeling tired yet, and I said, “No, not really.”  And that was it, next thing I knew I was waking up in post-op.  That was soooooooo cool!  Note the clock in the back ground.

These next three are of the surgery itself.  The first one is the operation, but you can’t see it that clearly because they couldn’t stick the camera right down on me, and the other two are showing Dr. Clawson stitching me back up.

Once in post-op I was still a little blurry when I first woke up.  I don’t remember this next photo.  But after a couple minutes all was good.  You can see my monitor for proof.  Again, note the clock in the back ground.

I had to keep my hand wrapped for the first day and overnight.  On Tuesday, this morning, I could take the wrap off and take a shower.  So here’s a close up of the final product this morning.  The purple marks are ink marks, not bruising.  I’m having the stitches removed next Tuesday.  I plan on being out sick from work till at least Christmas.  Then depending on how I feel, I will go back to work on Christmas (it’s a double-time-and-a-half paid holiday).  If my hand is still too sore or stiff to be safe at work, then I’ll stay out till New Years.  I just do not want to miss both holidays.


5 Responses to “My surgery”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Speaking for someone who’s been there many times, HA HA HA HA! (Not for that particular surgery, but for many others…) I like the lovely gown and cap.


  2. T Rex Mom Says:

    Great posting. You look simply marvelous in the blue cap. The incision looks really good. Seems like everything went pretty fast too. Hopefully, the recovery will be fast too.

    Get well soon!


  3. happytourist Says:

    Yeah, big deal. A 1/2 hr surgery with a one in. scar? And all that expensive equiptment and staff? Talk about the high cost of medical care………..hahahaha too.

    Hope Shelley got you some of MY favorite prescription drug: versed. Is this all a result of that initial venetian plastering you did years ago? I remember you were heavily drugging yourself and wearing a brace.


  4. rich Says:

    They asked me how much drugs I wanted and I replied as little as possible for them to do what they normally do to everyone. So, instead of 2cc (I think) of versed, they only gave me 1. It worked just fine. The drug they knocked me out with in the OR was the Michael Jackson drug. Only my CRNA never left my side while she monitored me. Unlike another doctor we have all read about.

    I think this was caused by the five years of remodeling and yard work. Mowing 13,000 square feet of yard, mowing up hills and lots and lots of weed eating.


  5. Under the Knife « News From Summit Ridge Says:

    […] Just like last time, it went off without a hitch.  Everyone at St Als was great.  Dr Clawson does great work and everyone says he’s the best.  Although my hand is still sore and bruised a bit, I was able to start using it the next day.  I still can’t twist things, pull objects or put much pressure on my wrist and palm.  He allowed me to bring my camera in to the OR again too and my CRNA, Joe, took a bunch of pictures during the operation.  They were even posing my hand for pictures. […]


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