Our Christmas Decorations

So, Shelley and I spent the weekend before my surgery getting our Christmas decorations and tree set up.  I had to get all the boxes up out of the basement and then put away again before the surgery as I can’t really lift anything too heavy with my right hand.

So here are a couple shots of our living room.

This first one is our fireplace.  We use stocking hooks with weights instead of nails for the mantel so we don’t put holes in it.  The only unfortunate thing is that the tree and the flowers are all fake.  However, with that said, I wouldn’t go any other way anymore.  We paid $40.00 for that 9-foot tree a couple years ago.  We bought it the day after Christmas to get a great deal on it.  All the white lights are attached to it too.  Makes it real nice.  The flowers are fake only because the real ones can be toxic to dogs so we go with the fake ones.

Here are a couple of us putting the finishing touches on the tree last Saturday night.  We waited till the evening to put the final decorations on so we could see it in the dark with the lights better.  So, the photos have a bit of yellow to them.

If you look closely at the fireplace, yes, you are seeing a couple items that I re-distributed from mom and dad.  I didn’t even know that the church was considered “missing” till Bob mentioned it in an email about mom’s estate. The light is gone, but the music player still works just fine.  Along the mantel is the Santa Clause and reindeer.  I’m down to just three reindeer however.  Not sure what happened to the rest.  I have no memory of breaking any since I moved to Boise.

On the other side of the living room, behind the couch, we have our nativity scene set up.


4 Responses to “Our Christmas Decorations”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Love the decorations – we can send T Rex over to “help” take them down!


  2. Cameron Says:

    cute decorations
    very christmasy


  3. Laurene Says:

    I liked seeing the decorations from our childhood.
    I liked looking at your whole blog, I had tried one other time and my computer is so slow I couldn’t get past the home page. Anyway, good to catch up, glad the wrist is healing.
    I got a new computer for Christmas, our present to ourselves, Skyler is here and helping set it up, I’ll send an update to the family soon.
    Hi to Shelly!


  4. rich Says:

    Glad you were able to see the blog better. I’m working on a new entry right now about the Seattle house.


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