Christmas Day

Christmas Day was moved from Bev and Bill’s house over to our house at the last minute due to Bev coming down with a stomach ailment.  She was concerned about having some type of virus and being around Sue and Hawk’s new baby, Orion.  So, Bev decided to stay home and we moved the celebration to our house.  Bill brought everything over to our house to cook Huevos Rancheros for brunch.  Shelley had Skype on our laptop in order to talk to her mom when she travels to Mexico, so we brought that up on our laptop and pointed the camera at the living room so Bev could watch, talk and listen to everyone while we opened presents.  We didn’t put the computer at the table while we ate.  That would have started to creep me out a little.

The morning started out with just Shelley and I opening our stockings and presents from each other and friends.  Shelley made a little panorama video of the living room and outside before we got started.  You can see Ripley pacing about in front of the fireplace.  She knows something is in those stockings and she’s waiting for them.  They always get a bunch of treats in the morning and this day started with their pig ears.  They love them, as you’ll see.  Ripley had a hard time controlling herself.  She tried really hard, but in the end, she is a dog.

I got Shelley some football scarfs from last season’s Sounders FC games against Chelsea (her favorite Premier League team) and FC Barcelona.  We went to both games last year but didn’t buy any souvenirs because they were so expensive.  By Christmas, the price had come down to a reasonable price so I stuffed her stocking with them.  She also isn’t a big fan of lots of chocolate, so I bought her a bunch of exotic cheeses from the Co-Op instead.

My stocking was stuffed with my two vices, beer and cigars.  Santa always brings me good cigars and good beer.

Later that afternoon the rest of Shelley’s family arrived.  Noah (Sue’s son), and his son Ryder.

We didn’t put up a post about Sue and Hawk’s new baby boy, Orion.  We kept forgetting our camera when we went to visit them in the hospital after he was born.  Orion, who is named after the constellation Orion, was born on the 20th.  Here’s a photo of Orion and the new proud papa plus a couple additional pictures of Orion.  Orion is wearing little mittens because he has been scratching himself of late.

Our kitchen island was stuffed with candy, cookies and treats.  Bruce’s homemade Almond Roca was a big hit.

While Bill worked on brunch, everyone else kind of just hung out around the living room visiting.

Brunch is served!

After brunch it was time for more presents.  Shelley and I received a lot of books and DVDs.  It was kind of a tea party Christmas for me.  I received a couple of History Channel documentary DVDs.  The Revolution, The Presidents, The War of 1812, Thomas Jefferson and the HBO Special on John Adams.  Sue and Hawk bought me Gadsden Flag too.  Excellent!  I’ve been talking about putting a flag pole up in the front of the house, now I have to get my butt on that one and get it done.  I also received plenty of books to keep me busy.  “Too Big to Fail“; A couple Jim Cramer books; “America’s Secret War“; and “Imperial Grunts.”

Shelley received some NASA DVD’s and some books as well.  “Infected“; “The US Armed Forces Survival Manual“; “Where There is No Doctor“; and “Merle’s Door.”  She tends to be a little more well rounded then I am.  She also received this really nice coat.  It was from her secret admirer.  At least that was what the “From” tag said.  Curiously, the “To” tag said it was to “My Wife”.  So, clearly it is someone living vicariously through me.

This is Sierra’s last Christmas before moving away next summer for college.  She really wanted a camera to take to school with her as she has steadily become more interested in photography the last couple years.  She kept asking everyone’s opinions about which to buy, etc and everyone kind of hemmed and hawed about it since we all knew she was getting one for Christmas.  So, Hawk wrapped up a huge box for her.  Things finally came down to two final gifts for her.  The huge one and a smaller one.  She chose to open the huge one first.    It was the box their new toilet came in, so you can imagine how big the box was.  Inside this box were about a dozen additional boxes, each progressively smaller and each wrapped in Christmas paper.  Finally, it got down to the last box.  A ring box in fact.  Inside this box were 3 beans and a note.  “I hope your Christmas has bean a good one,” it said.  It was pretty funny.  She really got a kick out of it.  Hawk told her later that he did it because he heard her say that she wanted to open a really big present.  Well, she got her wish.  After all the laughs, she turned to the smaller one and opened the camera.  She was really excited.  It was a really nice camera too.

Here are just some random photos of the afternoon for you to enjoy.


One Response to “Christmas Day”

  1. Courtney Says:

    It sounds like everyone had just a wonderful time! Sorry to hear that Bev was not able to make it and hope she feels better soon.

    Merry Christmas again Boise folks, hope to be there for it next year!

    -Courtney and Travis


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