The Nut Brown Ale

I brewed a new beer and a new recipe last Sunday.  I took some ideas from a couple different recipes I found online and punched it into a brewing calculator online to make sure it would work.  We’ll see how things work out in about a month.

Here is the recipe I came up with:

1 ¼ oz British Chocolate

5 oz Flaked Wheat

5 oz British Crystal 50 – 60L

6 ½ oz British Pale

6 lbs of dry light malt extract

3 lbs of dry amber malt extract

1 ¼ lbs of brown sugar

3 oz of Fuggles

½ oz of Fuggles (aroma hops)

Here’s a picture Shelley took of me putting the malt extract into the boil pot.  I just finished steeping the grains and removed them, now I add the malts, sugar and hops and start a 60 minute boil.

Here’s a short video of the boil.

Once the boil was finished, it was time to just sit back and wait.  About 15 minutes from the end of the boil I put in my new wort chiller.  I went to one of the local brewing supply stores and the guy there helped me make my chiller from stuff I bought at Home Depot.  It turned out okay and worked just fine.  I think I will add some length to it.  Right now it’s only 25′ long and when I boil 4 gallons I don’t think it is tall enough inside the wort.   Once the boil was finished I transferred it to the primary fermentor.

It’s a pretty ghetto set up in the laundry room.  In fact, everything about The Summit Ridge Brewing Company is pretty ghetto.  I just set the boil pot on the counter and let it pour into the primary.  This aerates the wort at the same time.  Pretty simple.  Shelley takes a spoon (sterilized of course) and clears openings in the foam so I can pour the yeast right into the beer instead of on top of the foam.  I don’t know if that makes a difference, but I do it just the same.  You can see the 7 gallon glass carboy on the counter as well.  That will be my secondary fermentor when I make the transfer.

That’s where things stand for right now.  I will update as the process continues.


3 Responses to “The Nut Brown Ale”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Nothing wrong with ghetto! Glad to see some updates – I’ve missed reading them. See you Saturday.


  2. Bob Hernon Says:

    You do realize that Nut Brown Ale is my favorite beer in the world. don’t you? I expect to get a taste when you come to Seattle, eh mate?


  3. rich Says:

    I should have enough left over after I keg 5 gallons that I’ll be left with 12 – 16 bottles. I plan on bringing a 6-pack to Seattle during one of our trips to share with everyone. I’ll make sure you get some.


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