Weekly Update. Where is it?

After I took a month off for my hand I stopped blogging the weekly update of my experiences on patrol.  Mainly since I wasn’t working I had nothing to write about.  Shortly before I went on sick leave there was talk going around work about the use of Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites.  I think it’s kind of funny that the chief doesn’t like officers using Facebook, etc but then allows our PIO to go out and make a Facebook page for the department.  Anyway, that’s a side issue.

After I came back to work the word was out.  A new policy regarding our use of social networking sites was coming down.  For that reason I stopped posting the Weekly Update until I saw what the new policy would be.  The policy is now out.

In reading the new policy I don’t think any of my posts cross any line for a policy violation.  I think I could probably continue with my update and still be within the guidelines of the new policy.  However, that’s not to say that some over eager Internal Affairs investigator or defense attorney couldn’t take comments or posts out of context and find me in violation.  We’ve had two officers get in trouble (one has been fired and is currently suing the city) over what an IA investigator thought to be inappropriate off-duty behavior.  I too have also got in trouble for breaking a rule that wasn’t a rule in the first place.  Long story.  I didn’t suffer any adverse discipline because of it and there was no formal investigation.  Probably because I didn’t violate any policy that existed.

None the less, I don’t need the headache.

Thus I have decided to discontinue with the Weekly Update.  Sorry, I know a lot of readers liked it.


2 Responses to “Weekly Update. Where is it?”

  1. happy tourist Says:

    well damn. That’s what I figured happened; didn’t think all the stupid criminals left Boise all at the same time.


  2. Bob Hernon Says:

    Maybe your cigar of the month club will grow as you express yourself into the dissipating atmosphere of anonymity — provided the neighborhood isn’t bugged.


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