We Got Pictures

The above photo is what we woke up to on Saturday morning.  Shelley´s sister, Courtney, was kind enough to get up in the morning and drive us to the airport.  Being from Dallas, driving in the snow was a bit different for her.

Once at the airport, things were fine.  Then the de-icing snafu kicked in and we sat there for about an hour waiting.

Quite the contrast, yeh?

Once in town we got into the condo just fine.  Bev´s cleaning lady, Mary Cruz, picked us up at the airport.  She even drove us to a bank to use the ATM.  She´s pretty nice.

By 5:00pm this was us.

After hanging out on the beach for an hour or so, we got hungry and went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Ixtapa, La Malinche.  We got the exact same enchilada meal too. 


4 Responses to “We Got Pictures”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    So jealous! Looks like such fun! Have an extra enchilada for me.


  2. Sue Says:

    Looks like heaven, you lucky dogs. Speaking of lucky dogs, Courtney is lavishing attention on your mutts. 🙂

    Have you heard about our new next door neighbors who are moving into Bingo’s old place? May have to put them on a watch list… 😉


  3. Mom Says:

    My favorite also. Hope the band was there!!


  4. rich Says:

    There was no band there that night. Bummer.


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