We Made It

We made it on time and without any flight issues except for the de-icing snafu in Boise.

We didn’t get here by 4pm, but we were on the beach with our drinks by 5pm.

We are having issues however. Our laptop crashed during the flight down and we can’t get it to start up. So our posts and email are going to be infrequent. If you send us something do not expect a reply right away. Call Rich’s phone for an emergency only.

I did purchase an international data roaming packge for my phone but it is only 25MB for the week and was supposed to be used only for GPS and small issues. Not for regular use. The laptop was for that.

I am working with my IT rep back in Boise but troubleshooting via sporatic emails is tough. There is a business computer center in the condo but now that wifi is throughout the building there is only one computer in the center. It does not have an expansion card slot so if I do get on it I still will not be able to upload any pictures.

As I am typing this Shelley just found a cable from our GPS unit that may work with our camera. So you all may still be in luck.

Other then the technical issues everything is great. Perfect weather (86 and clear), the waves are huge and the food last night was great. Oh yeah, the beers are $1.60 USD for a 12 oz bottle. That includes delivery to your tiki umbrella on the beach.

Our plan today is to go into Zih to go shopping for food stuffs for the rest of the week then hit the beach…….again.


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