Shopping With The Federales

We took the bus into Zih yesterday to buy food supplies for breakfast and dinners for the week.  This is the best way to do breakfast and dinners (although we still go out on occasion) as it makes meals much cheaper.

On the way to the store we got passed by a 2 1/2 ton truck full of soldiers.  I couldn´t get a photo at the time because I was on the wrong side of the bus.  But as we walked up to the store, guess who was out shopping too?  They actually had a nice deployement in the parking lot too.  They picked a nice shady spot away from most civilians and spread out on a nice little tight perimeter around their vehicles.  You can tell they don´t take shopping for granted.

Notice the one guy facing me by the front of the truck?  When I stopped to take the picture Shelley just kept walking.  Just in case, she didn´t want to look like she was associating with me I guess.  In the top photo you can´t see the other two guys who are standing off to the left of the photo in another set of trees.

Here´s a shot of the inside of the bus.  I think that the buses are kind of a personal vehicle for some of the drivers.  They decorate them up inside to their own liking and play whatever kind of music they like.  Each bus is different.

After getting back to the condo, we unpacked the groceries and headed back down to the beach.  We stayed there till the sun went down around 7:00.

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One Response to “Shopping With The Federales”

  1. Mom Says:

    Stay away from the Fontan Hotel!


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