Roll´n, Smoke´n and Sleep´n

Yesterday was much like the day before. 

We got up and had breakfast burritos then hung out a bit before working out in the gym downstairs.  We spent about 90 minutes in there.  We still need to keep on top of things for our Rainier trip in May.  We then walked into Ixtapa and picked up Sue´s vanilla.  We got a 500ml bottle for about $6.00.  If you´d like more let us know. 

The same shop that was selling the vanilla also had a guy rolling cigars outside.  So I watched for a bit and grabbed one that he just finished rolling and smoked it that afternoon on the beach.  It was kind of neat to buy one as it was rolled, but honestly, it wasn´t that good of a cigar.  It wasn´t rolled very tightly and I ended up smoking it in about 15 minutes.  Oh well. 

We made it to the sand at about noon.  It was slightly cloudy, but not really overcast.  But the sun wasn´t out like it had been the past couple days.  By 5:30 it started to cool off and with the clouds we bagged staying till the sunset.

Shelley did get a massage on the beach.  The margaritas at the condo are made fairly strong.  I stuck with Negra Modelos, but Shelley had two margaritas.  After her massage she was done for the afternoon. 

After all, laying on the beach, getting massages, drinking margaritas… can be a hard life down here.


3 Responses to “Roll´n, Smoke´n and Sleep´n”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Sounds like a rough time. Enjoy,


  2. Sue Says:

    That’s perfect. Thank you for picking it up!
    Way to go, Shelley – power relaxing. Wish you guys could stay down another week. Course, all your beer would be gone if you did. ;>) Next time, let’s go down together!


  3. rich Says:

    All the beer……gone!? I know where you guys live!


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