Just Another Day………..

No pictures today as I have misplaced the USB cord for the camera.  Hopefully I didn´t leave it in the computer room.  Lost and found did not have it, but my track record on these things is not good.

Tonight is the kick off concert for the Ixtapa/Zih Guitar Festival here in town.  The opening concert is at Frank´s Restaurant and the remaining concerts are all over in Zih.  We already bought our tickets to opening night but are not sure which of the others we will attend.  The beach concert in Zih tomorrow night looks promising.

Yesterday we walked down to the Ixtapa marina and had lunch at Fishers.  It was really good.  The milkshakes lived up to expectations as well.  It was very humid tho.  Maybe because there was no breeze?  After lunch we came back to the condo and stayed on the beach till sunset…………..again.  Then went into town and had dinner at Casa Morelos.  We both think that place is going to be added to our list of favorite restaurants in Ixtapa. 

Hopefully we find the USB cable today as I sure the next few days of the guitar festival will yeild some good photos.


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