Opening Night

So last night was the opening concert for the Guitar Festival.  Evidently it was much shorter then in past years but still went about 3 1/2 – 4 hours.  The venue was packed as well.  They were putting out extra tables once it started to overflow.  What was odd was that the crowd was about 90% foreigners, mostly Canadian and Americans, but very few locals.

Shelley and I got there early and got a front row (loud) seat for some good pictures and videos.  I won´t post the videos yet as our software is on the laptop, but I have a few photos here in this post.  I got up and walked around and took some venue photos to give you some idea of the stage, etc.  The lighting was very poor, but my understanding of all the snafus that took place all night was, “It´s Mexico.¨ We heard that a lot last night. 

That´s Eric McFadden on stage during the photo below.

The concert started out with Jose Luis Cobo.  He´s a local guitarist here in the Zih – Ixtapa area.

A family group also performed some Nuevo Flamenco music.  Husband Roger Scannura, wife Valerie Scannura and daughter Angelica Scannura (who was in a horror movie that dad did not name).  I took a couple videos of their gig and I hope they turn out.  They got the first standing ovation when they finished.  It was pretty impressive.

Here´s a close up of Eric McFadden during his set.

The show closed with a set by Los Pistoleros (the three guys dressed in black).  The lead singer must have some opera training.  His voice and some of the songs they did were very opera like.  The guitar playing with these guys were really good too.  Then for the final song Doug Towle came on stage and joined them for a short jam session that was just incredible.  The speed with which they played was incredible.  I was glad we were in the front row to watch that.  Unfortunately the lighting was so bad during the final set that most of our photos did not turn out and I couldn´t get the video camera to focus.  This set recieved the biggest standing ovation of the night.

We´ll be seeing both Los Pistoleros and Doug Towle again before the festival is over, so hopefully the other venues are better.

Tonight we are heading into Zih for the day and go to the beach concert on Playa La Ropa.  All the musicians are supposed to be there and I get the impression it will be less formal and more of a guitar jam-like session we both expected last night.  Don´t get me wrong, there was nothing disappointing about last night.

Oh, and Hawk, we got your CD.


One Response to “Opening Night”

  1. Sue Says:

    Fantastic! Sounds like they pulled together a great festival afterall. And that’s Mexico, too. 🙂 You’ve seen two of our favorite musicians so far, Towle and McFadden. Eric could play a great vampire or werewolf… He almost played in Boise last year but his gig was canceled. Hopefully, he’ll make another run here.

    All is well here. It’s cold and windy today. Have an extra rita for us!


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