Day Two of Guitar Fest

Maybe it´s because they have cut back quite a bit with the festival this year, but I was really expecting to see more Mexican guitarist in this festival.  We have only seen one Mexican Guitarist this year and that was on opening night.  He wasn´t at the jam session last night.  Everyone is Canadian or American.  There is one Spainard.  Again 95% of the crowd was foreigners too.  The mayor of Zih was in attendance last night, as he was for opening night, but other then that, there were more Mexican waiters then guests.

We took the bus into Zih from Ixtapa, then walked around to Playa La Ropa.  It was a decent walk, and once on Playa La Ropa we stopped for a drink and a short rest.

Shelley had her own drink.

The venue looked out over the beach and was much better then the first night.  The lighting was better and the jam session was a  lot more fun with more impromptu types of music.  Someone would get up on stage and do a song, then he would be joined by one or two others and they would do some music.  It pretty much just kept rotating like that till later in the concert when, I think, the musicians started to get tired.  The concert started at 6:15 and ended at 10:45.

Here´s an overall shot of the venue before the concert started.

Doug Towle did a couple solo songs, but mostly it was a giant jam session, just like advertised.

We are taking tonight off and hanging out at the condo.  Tomorrow we are going back into Zih to watch the last night of concerts.  We haven´t decided which of the two we will see just yet because they split up our favorites.  So, we´ll probably pick at the last minute.


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