Our Last 24

Today is our last full day in Ixtapa.  Yesterday was spent on the beach.  Tonight we are going to catch the bus into Zih to catch the last show of the guitar festival.  We had breakfast at the German Bakery in Ixtapa this morning and will spend the afternoon on the beach and then catch the bus around 5:oo pm. 

I´m going to put up some more photos of the guitar festival from Thursday night since I have nothing from yesterday except our last sunset (only because we´ll be indoors tonight).

Here´s Nick Vigarino and Doug Towle exchanging guitar rifts.

JL Stiles and Eric McFadden.

Doug and Eric.  Eric was on stage a lot.  Which was fine with us.  Near the beginning of the night he and Doug sat and played a couple duets.  Which were really good.  If Nick could have gotten up with those two at that same time that would have been something. 

Los Pistoleros started the set off with a couple tunes and then they were joined by Doug for a couple.  As you can see in the photos, one guy would get up there and do a couple songs.  Then be joined by someone else and do a couple songs.  Then the first guy would leave, and a third person would join the stage and on and on it went. 

This will be our last post for the vacation as we are catching our ride to the airport tomorrow around 12:30.  We´ll check emails but I doubt we´ll have time to post in the morning before leaving.  You can look for updates once we are back in the states as then I will be able to update via my iPhone.


2 Responses to “Our Last 24”

  1. Bob Hernon Says:

    What a rough life. Sorry you had to fly so far away from home to spend money, but someone has to import dollars to Mexico I guess. Might as well be you!


  2. Sue Says:

    Lucky, lucky dogs… Wish we were there. Next year!


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