Our Last Night In Ixtapa

Here are some pictures from our last night in Ixtapa.  As you may remember we traveled into Zih to see the closing night and spent the evening at two different restaurants, Caprichos Grill and Coconuts.

We finally saw Doug Towle do more then one solo act and he lived up to his billing.  Wow was he good.  We had purchased his new CD for Hawk earlier in the week and I got Doug to autograph the CD cover for him.   He was using this really cool device on stage that he would manipulate with his feet.  What it allowed him to do was record himself playing, then allow him to play himself back.  What he would do was start out each song by playing the beat music, I guess you could say, then after he played (recorded that) he would play the whole song with that recorded music playing as his background.  Essentially, he was playing multiple guitars at the same time using just one guitar.  Does that make sense?  It sounded like he had more musicians on stage with him, but he was all by himself.

The Scannura’s did get on stage once the small added portion of the stage was added on.  You can see how tiny the stage would have been if you look at the bottom of the picture.  That black wood panel is the stage.  Just to the right of their feet you can see a line where the panel they are standing on was added to the stage.  You’d think this was the first year this group played at the festival.  I couldn’t believe the organizers didn’t tell the restaurant (who hosted an event last year) they needed a larger stage.  As it was, they dancers had to come off the stage onto the brick courtyard for parts of their dance routine.  But it all worked out.

Over at Coconuts we missed Eric McFadden.  He was the opening act.  We got there just at JL Stiles was finishing his set.

Here is a wide angle view of the venue.  The courtyard was much larger then Caprichos.  The restaurant portion is off to the right and out of view.

We got to see Nick Vigarino do an entire set.  When he was finished he brought up Eric on stage and they did a show-closing finale.  They tried to get Stiles up there too, but he had stepped out of the venue and didn’t hear the call.  I took a video of that finale, but there are no stills.  Here’s Nick on stage.

It really was a great trip and the festival was really fun.  We are already talking about next year and Sue and Hawk are interested in going back (they saw 2009’s festival) with us.  That would be a lot of fun.


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