The Nut Brown is (has been) in the Secondary

I realized today that I never updated the move of the Nut Brown from the primary fermentor to the secondary.  I actually made the transfer on March 3.  The plan is to leave it in the secondary until this coming weekend when I will move it into bottles and the keg.  I’ll let it sit in the keg for another couple weeks.  Sometime during the weekend of April 17 I will carbonate it and get it ready to serve by the end of April.

Here’s a shot looking down inside the primary just before the transfer to the secondary.  I had a great fermentation and you can see the remnants of the bubbling stuck along the sides of the fermentor.

Here’s a close up of the siphon filling the secondary.  Like I’m sure you have heard me say before, I try to fill it “quietly” from the bottom up.  Quietly just means that you fill with little to no disturbance of the beer.  I like the color.  It’s not too dark so it won’t be confused with an Porter but it’s not too light either.  So far so good.

The complete set up with auto-siphon in the primary (up on the counter) filling the secondary on the floor.

You are probably interested in some numbers so here you go.  These measurements were made of the beer prior to the transfer into the secondary.  The alcohol percentage is about normal for this type of beer, maybe a little low, but it certainly is a little low for my beers.  I usually hit over 6% pretty regularly.  With the percentage at 5.6%, it will probably be much more drinkable.

Alcohol by volume:  5.6%.

Specific Gravity:  1.018

Balling:  6.8%

Calories per 12 oz serving:  214


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