Weird Weather

We’ve been having some weird weather this last week.  Snow, sleet, rain, sunshine and highwinds.  I left for work and it was clear and sunny on my way in.  I was wearing my sunglasses and it was really nice out.  I went in, changed, went to briefing and came out to this.  The photo on the left is before I turned on the windshield wipers so you can see the build up of snow on the car, then the other one is after the wipers cleared the window.  What you can’t see clearly is the snow/slush was blowing sideways too.  It was crazy.  It’s too warm (37 degrees) for the snow to really stick, but the wet snow is worse.

When I woke up on Thursday, there was about 1/2″ of snow on the deck from an overnight snow storm.  Now, some of you in snow country may think nothing of this, but here it’s weird.



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