Time Begins…….Now

There was a great baseball book written in the mid 80’s called, “Why Time Begins On Opening Day.” Ever since I read that book I’ve referred to today by that title. “Time begins in (x number of) days,” is a common mantra during the winter and spring leading up to Opening Day.

Well, today is Opening Day, for my home team anyway……and that’s all that counts.

When I was a kid getting a home cooked steak dinner was a special occasion. Going out for a steak dinner was even more special. Every Opening Day (or the first home game we went to) my dad would take me to the ball game and he would buy me a steak dinner. When I came back from my tour with the Army that tradition would continue until he passed in 1993.

Ever since then I’ve continued that tradition no matter if I was in Seattle or here in Boise. This year was no different as Shelley and I had our annual steak dinner at Murphy’s Steakhouse this evening.

Everybody is in first place coming into Opening Day. Let’s hope the Mariners make it interesting for the next six months.

Now, it’s time for time to begin.


One Response to “Time Begins…….Now”

  1. T Rex Mom Says:

    Very cool tradition – so glad you and Shelley had a nice time. We hope to see you guys again soon!


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