The Nut Brown is in the Keg

I moved the Nut Brown over to the Keg and bottled it this past Saturday.  I managed my quantity of beer much better then in past brews this time.  I ended up with 5 gallons in the keg and 16 bottles.  I would have had more, in fact, but I only sterilized 16.  I probably could have had 18 or 19.  16 is good though.  That should give me plenty to take with me back to Seattle to share with family there and have enough left over to do a taste test/comparison next year when I brew it up again.

I took a final measurement before kegging.  Here are the final numbers:

Final Gravity:  1.0185

Real Extract (Balling): 7.1%.  This reflects the actual percentage (by weight) of dissolved solids in the brew.

Real Attenuation:  55.897%.  This is the percentage of solids converted to alcohol.

Alcohol by volume:  5.73%

Calories per 12 oz serving:  214

I think the color is a bit light.  I would have preferred that it came out a bit darker.  Overall, I’m happy with the color.  It tastes really good too.  A very mild hop to it makes it very drinkable for Shelley.  The alcohol is not too strong in the flavor either, which smooths it out a bit.  The aroma is not too strong, but it’s there just the same.  It should be ready to serve in a couple weeks.  I like to let my beers age a little longer in the secondary and then again in the keg before serving.

I plan on brewing up my Honey Ale on the 18th and I plan on drinking my Nut Brown during that brewing session.  I can’t wait.  If you’re here in town, come on by on the afternoon of the 18th and share a pint!


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