I’m Blogging From The Airport


I’m headed to Seattle for a long weekend of baseball. The Mariners’ Opening Night is Monday afternoon. This will be my first Opening Night in about five years and I’m pretty excited about going. Robert and I are going to the game with seats right behind homeplate. Shelley is staying back in Boise.

I will also be visiting with Gloria and Rich, the contractors on the house, to give my final approval to the remodel. I’m really excited about finally seeing the finished product after only seeing pictures and paying bills for the last seven months.

I’m flying Southwest and so I’m taking full advantage of their two free checked bags policy. I’m flying with two full bags of bed linen, towels, toiletries and clothing.

I’ll be moving all the furniture back downstairs over the weekend, which could be interesting. I hope my mom’s red leather couch makes it down the stairs. It may be a little tight. I may have take a couple other pieces apart too in order to get them down.

Also on the agenda is to work in the yard a bit. I don’t think there will be much to do but I’ll probably cut back a bush or two and mow.

I’ll post phots of the house, yard and game over the weekend.


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