My First Shower and Other Impressions

Okay, not my first shower, but my first shower in the new basement.  Let’s see.  It was like a warm summer afternoon rain while walking on a bed of smooth pebbles.  We have to have river rock pebbles in our new shower in Boise (whenever we get around to remodeling that master bedroom).  Barbara and Jim know full well how that feels as we got this shower floor idea from them when we stayed at their house a couple of years ago.  I took a longer than normal shower this morning, that’s for sure. 

The tankless hot water tank works very well.  It only took about 50 seconds for the hot water to make it to the shower.  The temperature control was good and it never ran out of hot water.  Very nice.  The reason we went with the tankless hot water heater was for room.  Putting in a traditional full size hot water tank takes up a lot of room and we didn’t have a lot of room downstairs.

Bob came over last night with Cameron and he even commented on how they crammed the furnace into the small mechanical room.  After Bob got his tour, we went up to the Maple Leaf Grill for dinner.  That was a good time.

Today I spent the morning cleaning up the secretary and futon to get ready to move downstairs.  I just had to wipe them down a bit for dust and cobwebs.  They had been out in the patio since September last year.  I didn’t find any animals living in anything or any evidence of animals living in anything.  That’s good.  I also mowed and edged the front and back yards.

Once Robert woke up (the lawn mower did it I think) we moved everything downstairs.  Again, nothing is in their final resting spot.  Here’s a photo of the office area.  The armoire will probably stay in this room so guests have a closet and mirror when they stay overnight.  The futon will be their bed.  Right now both are just pushed against the wall.  The first photo has some distortions again from the merging of the photos.  The second one is normal

Troy, when you come out in July for the Boston series, that’s your bed.  No more bringing a sleeping bag with you.

I put the secretary in the little nook where I plan on putting shelves for a book case.  It’s just an out-of-the-way spot for the time being and it fit real nice.

And yes, the tea cups are in the secretary.

Outside I planted some grass seed.  There was a large plum tree in the backyard who’s canopy got far too large over the last couple years.  I had my property management company’s landscaping guy come trim it but he just didn’t do it right and couldn’t or wouldn’t cut it back far enough.  So I hired a real landscaping tree service and they cut it back last October.  Well the canopy was so large that the grass under the tree died and it was just a big dirt / mud spot.  So this afternoon and raked it all out, cleaned it up and put in some new seed.  I then covered it with peat moss.

We won’t be bringing the dogs out for our next trip at the end of April so the seed will have until the beginning of June to germinate and grow before the dogs arrive and run all over it.  I talked to Robert about watering it, so it should work out enough to keep it from being a dirt / mud spot this summer.

We don’t have any plans right now to do much with the backyard except just maintain it.  We really have no spare cash (or debt) on hand to do anything with anyway.

That’s it for today.  I’m going to walk up to the Maple Leaf Grill again for dinner tonight.  Just myself.  Then I may walk over to the Oak Tree, where Robert works and manages, and catch the last showing of Hot Tub Time Machine.  Since it’s the last show, I’ll just come home with him or hit a pub somewhere if we can find one open late on a Sunday.


3 Responses to “My First Shower and Other Impressions”

  1. Sue Says:

    The place looks fantastic, Rich. 🙂


  2. happy tourist Says:

    So glad you’re happy with it all; mom and dad would be also.


  3. carol Says:

    5/5 am: I’m just catching up on your blog…. what a lot of great news – Opening day, Seattle dining, house remodeling/decorating, and mountain climbing! So good! I admire you both so much.


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