Opening Night

No house work today.  Just baseball.

Robert and I went to the Mariners’ home opener today.  It was a 3:40 start, Pacific Time.  I love all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Opening Night.  The banners all around the stadium, the packed house of fans, the team introductions……all that stuff.  I love it.

Randy Johnson returned to Seattle to throw out the first pitch.  Catching that pitch was Dan Wilson.  Also on hand were Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez and of course Ken Griffey Jr. 

I didn’t bring our really nice digital 35mm SLR with its 300mm zoom lense.  No, couldn’t think that far ahead.  So I only had our little digital pocket camera that sometimes focused on the person and other times focused on the screen behind home plate.  Oh well.  We had great seats though.  35 rows up from home plate.

The flag in center field was presented by members of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, Lakewood Police Department and Seattle Police Department.  Those are the three agencies that had officers killed in the line of duty over the winter.  The press announcer read the names of the six officers off and then held a moment of silence for them.  That was pretty cool of the Mariners to do that.

That was pretty much it for the night as the Mariners got shut out 4 – 0.  There was some good defense turned in by the M’s, but there was even better offense turned in by the A’s.

After the game Robert and I went to The Metropolitan Grill for our Opening Night steak dinner.  Holy cow was it good.  I only eat at places like this for Opening Night or Honeymoons.  It’s nice to see how the other half lives every once in a while. 

I had the American Wagyu New York Strip.  They also serve Japanese Wagyu beef, but I skipped that one.  Robert had a sampler plate that consisted of Japanese and American Wagyu beef.  I thought about trying the Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon, shown in the picture below.  Afterall, I’ve never had a $100.00 piece of steak before.

Like I said, in the end I went with the less expensive American Wagyu.

Since we didn’t have reservations, we sat in the bar.  Luckily, we walked right in and found a table that was just being cleaned up.  The Met has a pretty nice bar too.

They have a board in the bar where you can Guess The Dow.  Where will The Dow finish on the last trading day of the year.  Take a look.  There are some seriously optimistic people on that board.  14,000?  Really?  There are some pretty pessimistic people too.  One guy is guessing 10,069.  Ouch.

We think our waitress got our orders backwards.  Robert wanted his well done and I wanted mine medium.  When we got them they were backwards and we both sent them back.  It was pretty obvious that mine was over cooked as there was no pink (let alone red) in the middle.  Since we had to wait for the steaks to come back, she brought us two more beers on the house while we waited.  Then after dinner, she was still feeling bad, so she gave us our choice of desserts on the house as well.  Of course, I initially was going to go with the 9-layer chocolate cake.  Instead I went with the 5-layer carrot cake and vanilla ice cream.  When the carrot cake came out, I couldn’t believe it.  I asked if this was a 5-layer cake, what do they do with a 9-layer cake?  She said it was even taller!  Taller?

Yes, we were pretty fat, dumb and happy once dinner was over.  We had planned on going to the 74th St Ale House after dinner for a night cap, but I ended up eating the ice cream off that plate you see and about four bites of cake and had to stop.  I’ll eat the rest for breakfast tomorrow.  Oh, The Met had Maritime Pacific’s Salmon Bay ESB on tap too.  So, really no need to head over to the 74th St Ale House for some local beverages.

Tomorrow I meet with Rich and Gloria then fly home in the evening.  Back to the grind.  No more American Wagyu beef till next year.


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