Pulling Pitch

For those of you who are not familiar with helicopter terms, “Pulling Pitch” is what you do when you take off.  So, when it’s time to leave we used to say, “Let’s pull pitch” instead of “Let’s go.”  Hence the title of this post.

It’s time for me to head home from a pretty nice weekend.

Just wanted to leave you with a couple more pictures of the basement.  This time the new laundry room, bathroom and shower.  Again, with some minor distortions.

We went with a little bit more bold color scheme in the laundry room just to spice up what is usually such a boring room.  The floor is marmoleum

Here’s the bathroom vanity, taken from standing inside the shower.

The mirrors are not hung yet.  We were asked how high we wanted them, but all I could say was that I wanted them high enough so I don’t have to lean over to see myself in the mirror.  So we decided to leave them off for now and Shelley and I will hang them ourselves so we get the height correct. 

None of the hardware is on yet either.  Again, that was something we’ll do ourselves.

Here’s the shower.

The tile job was very, very good.  I’m real OCD when it comes to tile and I couldn’t find any flaws in the workmanship of this job.  This guy did a great job.  One concern I had with the shower, one that Shelley asked about when I spoke to her on Sunday, was if the height of the shower head was tall enough so I don’t have to duck under it.  It is high enough.  With a couple of inches to spare.

You can see a little bump-out in the top right corner of the shower ceiling.  That’s a support beam that we couldn’t move.  Between that beam and the spot the shower head is ran a heater duct.  We ended up taking it out and moving it around through the laundry room.  If you look at that first laundry room photo you can see the bump-out on the left side up at the ceiling.  That’s where we moved that duct work.  Moving that really opened up that shower ceiling and gives the shower the room it needs to be functional. 

I met this morning with Gloria and spent 2 1/2 hours going over the project.  Whenever I had questions about something, she just called up that sub and got the answers right then.  I had some minor issues that she wrote down and she also found more finish work details that need to be touched up as well.

Shelley and I come back again April 28 and we’ll meet again on April 30.  All the issues should be fixed by then and that will also give Shelley time to look around and see if she spots anything I might have missed.  This way both of us can give the okay to the final inspection.

That’s it for now from Seattle.  Time for me to pull pitch.


4 Responses to “Pulling Pitch”

  1. Dan U Says:

    “Pull up chocks” in fixed wing. Nice work. Where did you source the marmoleum? Did you also use some bamboo somewhere? I’m still planning out finishing our last bit.


  2. T Rex Mom Says:

    WOW! Totally amazing near-finished product.


  3. rich Says:

    DeMar Company is where we bought the marmoleum. The installer was different. I don’t have them in front of me. Yes, we did use bamboo. The floors (except the laundry) and the stairs are all bamboo. We bought that from Bamboo Hardwoods. They also did the installation. We saved a little money on the bamboo because they had some stock left over that was on closeout.


  4. rich Says:

    Maybe I’ll be able to convince your husband to come over for another baseball weekend now.


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