Cigar of the Month Club for April

The Cigar of the Month Club (COTMC for short) had its monthly meeting on Monday night. We had a good turn out with five people.

I subscribe to a mail order cigar club for $20.00. Of the five people in the club, three of us (myself, Hawk and Bruce) are paying members. The other two (T-Rex Dad and Ben) have large cigar collections already so they just bring one of their own along to smoke and enjoy the company. The mail order club sends me four cigars a month. The three of us that pay pick out a cigar and then I keep the fourth to add to my collection. Since the club is charged to my credit card, Bruce and Hawk just give me $5.00 at each meeting for their cigar. Pretty simple. We rotate meeting locations. This month it was at my house.

Starting from the bottom left and going clockwise: T-Rex Dad, me, Bruce, Hawk and Ben.

Highlands Hollow’s Full Moon Stout was on tap.

The smokes we tried were an Oliveros 1927 torpedo, a Duque torpedo and a Sherpa by Gurkha toro. I co

Next month we should be adding another new member. Travis is moving up from Texas and we have reserved a spot for him in the club. So, Travis, I will add you to the email list and send you a notice of the date. We typically meet on Monday evenings. May’s meeting will be taking place at Hawk’s house so you won’t have to go far to join us.

Peter, give me plenty of notice when your next trip brings you out here to Boise so we can make sure we’re available for a meeting.


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