On To Rainier

We leave today for Seattle and for Mt. Rainier.  We start the Denali Prep Course on Saturday morning.  This is an eight day, seven night course on mountaineering in preparation for an expedition to Denali.  Later this summer we have a second climb of Mt. Rainier.  This second trip up Mt. Rainier will be via the Emmons Glacier.  See this link for more about the Emmons Glacier.  After both of those trips we will make a decision as to whether Denali is somewhere we want to go.

This class will consist of eight students and two guides.  During this course, a summit attempt is fit into the schedule but is not the priority.  If a window opens the last couple of days, then Alpine Ascents will bring up two more guides and we’ll go for the summit.  But during this time of year, the avalanche danger is pretty high and the weather can be pretty bad so we’ll see if it happens or not.  Here is our itinerary for the course.  Remember, Day 1 of the itinerary begins on Saturday, May 1.

We should be back in contact via text, email and phone sometime late in the afternoon or early evening on Saturday, May 8.  Cell phone coverage is very poor around Mt. Rainier.  Even after we get down we probably won’t have coverage until we get back to the built up areas around the mountain.  You should be able to check back here Saturday evening to get an update.  We’ll also send out an email to family and friends let you  know we’re down.  But realistically, if something bad happens you’ll read it in the papers before you’ll hear it from us.  So, no headlines is a good thing.  Just remember that if you don’t hear from us on May 8.  Later next week I’ll be able to update the blog with stories, photos and videos of our adventure.

We are not bringing the dogs to Seattle for this trip.  Shelley’s sister, Courtney, is staying in the house the rest of this week, then Sierra is staying here next week.  We are driving home on Sunday, May 9.

Yes, I did take this photo of Mt. Rainier from a Southwest Airlines 737 a couple weeks ago during my last Seattle trip.  This trip will be far more interesting.


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